Top-5 sights in Copenhagen

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is famous not only for its interesting location but also for its historical features. This is the largest city in the state. Copenhagen is the birthplace of the famous Hans Christian Andersen, on whose fairy tales many generations of children grew up. In honor of this writer, a monument in the form of a Little Mermaid was erected in the capital. Tourists are interested in visiting Copenhagen because it is close to other European countries and has a lot of cultural features.

The main sights of Copenhagen:

  • monument to the Little Mermaid;
  • Town Hall Square;
  • amusement park Direhavsbakken;
  • Amalienborg Palace;
  • Round Tower.

All these cultural places are interesting for both locals and tourists. Additionally, the list of must-see places can also include Rosenborg Castle, Tivoli Park, the National Museum, and the Opera House.

Cultural features of Copenhagen

Excursion in the city always begins from the port. It greets tourists with a colorful embankment with colorful houses and a huge number of people scurrying along the street. Further offers Copenhagen top attractions in the form of amusement parks and museums. On the way to them, you can look into the amazing Noma restaurant. Every newcomer to the city should look at it from a bird's eye view. For this, excursions are offered on the Round Tower, which is an ancient observatory of the University of Copenhagen. Beautiful parks, gardens, and castles will tell the story of the old Danish city.

Denmark and its capital are rich in cultural features. It so happened historically that the city is a major center of finance, economy, and culture in Northern Europe. That is why there is a lot to see and visit.